At the heart of the MIDEST trade villages 

Back again in Lyon

This year, you will find two squares hosting discussions and dynamic presentations brought to you by different partners, associations and federations. They will offer technical and sector information, demonstrations, pitch sessions and talks during the show’s evening opening

These two squares will be an opportunity for you to monitor the changes in their respective sectors, the specific applications that they offer various industries and all the latest technological advances




1. Plastics Processing Know-how Squareallize-300.jpg

Organized in partnership with ALLIZE PLASTURGIE, this square will offer you three high profile attractions:

  • The PUXI 1 Lorry brought to you by Destination Plasturgie: 

Puxi 1 is an ‘educational’ semi-trailer that opens up to reveal an array of equipment for demonstrating the four technologies involved in the processing of plastics: 

    - ARBURG hybrid injection press
    - FORMECH thermoformer
    - MATEX VARESE extrusion line
    - RAISE 3D printer 
    - Plus a "Matériautech" space: Gems® presentation, a gallery of material samples revealing the composition of polymers and the sectors where they are used. 

Puxi 1 also offers a digital experience. 

Puxi is also the name of an interactive and educational digital experience focusing on innovation. Housed in the lorry, it offers a different look at the universe of plastics and composites

Issued with a tablet and helmet, you will plunge into the heart of plastics and composites

    - Digitization of industrial processes: discover what is going on inside the machines
    - Augmented reality design of a telephone casing 
    - 3D simulation of the injection of the Puxi mascot, with the option to vary the parameters 
    - Video presentation of eco-design, sustainable development… 



  • The BOY 35 injection moulding machine:

The BOY 35, which is being presented in the Plastics Processing Know-how Square, is capable of producing parts weighing between about 0.5 and 60 grammes.


This type of machine is capable of processing the majority of materials (thermoplastics, rubber, silicone, etc……) and it is therefore widely used for the manufacture of small, high precision parts or overmoulded ones such as connectors or electronic components

As a result, you will be able to see for yourself what plastic injection actually involves.

The plastification and injection system melts the plastic material and injects it at a controlled speed and pressure into the mould.

The process differs from the moulding of metal parts in that the cycle time to manufacture an injection moulded part rarely exceeds a minute and the temperature of the mould is also constantly controlled by a cooling circuit. 



  • Lectures focusing on plastic and composite processing themes:

On the programme :

Tuesday 5th March:
    10.00 – 11.00 a.m.: Building and civil engineering construction
    1.00 – 2.00 p.m.: Pharmaceutical industry
    2.30 – 3.30 p.m.: Motor vehicles

Wednesday 6th March: 
    2.00 – 4.00 p.m.: “Additive manufacturing, the new industrial revolution in support of mass production”

Thursday 7th March: 
    “The subcontractor relations situation in France”, conference lecture by Thierry Charles (Doctor of Law, Allizé Plasturgie Director of Legal Affairs)

Friday 8th March:
    9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.: “The circular economy”, conference lecture by the IPC (Innovation Plasturgie Composites) 



2. Electrotechnology Know-how Squaresnese-300_0.jpg

In partnership with the SNESE, this Square will host two major events:

  • The international hand brazing competition:

Once again this year, the SNESE space in the Electronics Industry Village will be the venue for the international hand brazing competition.

Brazing electronic cards by hand is an essential part of electronics manufacturing, even if much of the manufacturing process is undertaken by robots. 

No engineer who has not mastered this technology can claim to be competent.
It is the absolute foundation of the technician’s trade and it is the bread and butter of the industry’s skilled workers.
The international hand brazing competition shines the spotlight on it on stand 6 C69.

Organized by an international organization, the IPC, in partnership with the IFTEC, the SNESE and numerous expert suppliers, it is a qualifying competition for the world final.


  • The electronics industry in France switches to the Industry of the Future:

Understand all of this transformation thanks to the presentations of pieces but also demonstrations in live.

Further information to come...

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